Director and Executive Producer - Tracey Renee’
Louisiana Native Tracey Renee' is a writer and director who creates timeless art reflecting real stories about real communities. When Tracey is not creating or teaching, she uses her voice and platforms to address social justice issues. Tracey received her B.S. in theatre studies from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and her MFA in film from Howard University.
Executive Producer - Danielle Apugo, Ph.D.
Danielle professionally engages the world as a former K-12 teacher turned education scholar. Danielle is interested in the storied experiences of Black women and girls in education. She is currently an assistant professor of education in the department of teaching and learning at Virginia Commonwealth University. Support her new book: Strong Black Girls: Reclaiming Schools in Their Own Image from Columbia University Teachers College Press.
Cinematographer and Editor - Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones is a filmmaker based in Washington DC with a concentration in cinematography and film photography. She received her MFA in Film at Howard University. As an image-maker, she is passionate about capturing the essence and stories of Black American life.
Assistant Director
Nina Young 
Production Assistant
Caliph Riley
Assistant Camera / Cam op
Bria Granville
Nick Gross
Key Grip
Matt Coleman
Arif Pharrell

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